What IF?

What if there was a health information service employing a new computer technology where you could quickly, noninvasively and affordably get answers to almost any personal health question?

For example, questions related to: Nutrient needs, food intolerance, allergies, toxins, infections, emotional stress, hormone imbalance, cardiovascular function, liver function, brain function, metabolic function, etc. What if this same service could help you get to the bottom of a wide variety of chronic health problems.

There now is such a service. But before we go any further I need to identify myself.

Who am I?

I am Howard Roy Curtin Ph.D. After I got my master's degree and before I returned to work on my Doctorate, I worked as a scientist at the U.S. atomic Energy commission's Hanford Laboratories. I did Nuclear reactor analysis for awhile, but I was drawn to the development of "nondestructive testing" technology and methods. We explored any means we could, to determine the integrity of reactors and reactor fuel rods. We used Ultrasound, x-rays, eddy currents, gamma rays; anything that would provide information but "Do No Harm". Nondestructive testing and information processing became a recurring theme in my life.

While completing my Doctorate in Physics I was allowed to take computer science as a second language. I subsequently went on to work in quality control for a pharmaceutical company; was associate professor of radiology in the University of Utah medical school; was acting director of computer services for Rochester Institute of Technology; and manager and acting director computer services for Utah state government including higher education.

During the following years I did contract research and development projects for the U.S. Air Force, the Army, the Navy, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Health, have also been a consultant to radiation oncologists and others.

What is the history of the IQS?

During the late 1970's and early 1980's I was employed as a Senior Scientist by the Eyring Research Institute (ERI). Most of our work was being sponsored by the various branches of the Military. I was completing some theoretical work that I started when I was at Hanford that predicted a new form of electric radiation. I named it Scalar Radiation. One interesting aspect of scalar radiation, that I noticed, was that cell walls have the right properties to source and receive this radiation.

We were still in the middle of the "cold War" with the Soviet Union. Because our government was interested in anything that the soviets were interested in, I was networked with a number of government projects that were being conducted to determine human capabilities. It was during this period that Gary Peterson, Dr Fuller Royal, and I developed the first computer based Electro Dermal Response system. That original system was called the Accupath. It was sold to a limited number of MDs, some of whom were still using it 20 years later. As computers became more capable I continued to advance the technology until today's version is called the IQS (Interactive Query System).

This IBF technology has now been used effectively for over 30 years by a wide variety of medical and health facilities serving hundreds of thousands of clients. Its use has been primarily focused in The USA and Canada with limited use in Mexico, Australia, Singapore, Spain, and a few other countries

The IQS has been characterized, by many who have experienced it, as the most important contribution to human health of the 20th century. Let me explain why they might feel that way.

State of the art medicine will use symptoms, imaging tools, chemical assays etc. to attempt to select a diagnosis from a catalogue of insurance codes. This decision then is followed with a clinical trial treatment based on the diagnosis. In other words, data is analyzed by an Expert who will try to relate you to others with a similar data profile. As computers developed efforts have been made to use computer based Expert Systems to do the data analysis. These systems employ Artificial Intelligence or AI. Generally these diagnostic models apply to groups of persons but only statistically to you.

Summary ask an Expert

The IQS inverts the information gathering process. DR. Palmer, the father of Chiropractic, referenced what he called Innate Intelligence. Simply put, Innate Intelligence is the intelligence we were born with that builds, defends and operates our bodies. It is self evident that this intelligence function must exist. Given that Innate Intelligence must exist and must have access to all the information required to maintain our health; could we gain access to it? We could call this Innate Access or IA; the inverse of AI. This information is supplied by you and specifically applies to you.

Summary ask The Expert

How does the IQS work

The Interactive Query System (IQS) is a powerful IA communication system. The IQS will transmit a proprietary digitally coded "query" to you via a very low level electric signal. "Nate" will respond to the Query by changing the electrical properties of your skin at a point on your finger. The IQS uses a microcomputer interface designed: to be sensitive to changes in skin resistance, to filter out interference, and communicate with the computer. The measurement uses a nominal 3Volt D.C. potential and current limited to 60 millionths of an amp. There is no electrical stress on your body - a perfect example of non-destructive testing.

I call any process of presenting a question and observing a physiological response "Interrogatory Biofeedback" or "IBF". When the response is a detectable change in the electrical properties of the skin, we can engage in Electro Dermal Dialog (EDD) (we can talk to "Nate"). It is important to note that I am talking about a response rather than a reaction. For example we may ask several different questions (Queries) related to the same subject. You may want to know on a scale of 0 to 100 what the nutritional value to you would be, on the other hand you may want to know on the same 0 to 100 scale what stress this item would cause, in addition, you might want to know if there is any relation between this food and your headache. As the nature of the Query changes so does the response, therefore you could get three different numerical answers to the same food subject.

The reason the IQS technology is so important to your health is that you may now safely, rapidly and affordably get answers about you from the world's expert on you, your own innate intelligence. This information, specific to you, will empower you to better manage and improve your health.

P.S. let me tell you a story.

A young college student was referred to me by a friend of hers. She was concerned because she had been experiencing persistent abdominal pain for an extended period. She had gone to her doctor and he recommended removing her gall bladder.

We did an IQS scan of her complete GI tract and her pancreas, gall bladder, and liver. According to her response to this survey the inflammation was in the bile ducts of her liver. The scan indicated no stress in the Gall bladder. Upon further inquiry her electro dermal response indicated that the liver inflammation was the result of a virus. We used the IQS to select a specific virus. We confirmed that there was stress associated with that specific virus and prepared an APT that directed the attention of her immune system to the infection. This was about a 15 minute consultation.

Three days later the pain was gone and she got to keep her gall bladder!

Note: I suggested that she get an ultrasound scan of her gallbladder to determine whether there were any troublesome stones. She replied that she had already done the scan. No stones were detected, however they still thought the surgery was indicated to deal with the pain.

Note: (For your information an APT is similar in nature to a homeopathic, it contains only water that has been activated by the IQS computer)